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Roy Charles - Tommy Cooper Tribute

Tommy Cooper Tribute

At 6' 6" tall Roy is the image of Tommy Cooper. He even has the demeanour, the moves and the mannerisms of the great man down to a T. He has to be seen to be believed.

Jay Watson.

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Just Like That.

Stand Up Comedian and Magician Roy Charles has been a huge fan of Tommy Cooper ever since he was a young boy at the age of seven. He has watched all of Tommy’s  performances on TV and watched his videos relentlessly and is such a huge fan that he became a comedy magician himself.

Roy has since performed all over the UK on TV and all over the world and even though Roy has been a huge fan of legendary comedy magician Tommy Cooper for so many years, he has successfully acquired his own style that he has performed successfully for well over 25 years.

Even though Roy has his own style of comedy Magic people would quite often comment that he reminded them of Tommy Cooper in his mannerisms and being 6 foot 6 tall and having Tommy as a role model. Roy found that it was inevitable that after many years of people saying to him that he should do a tribute to Tommy he thought that the time was now right.

Unlike many other Tommy Cooper tributes who were impressionists or actors just playing the part of Tommy. Roy was firstly a Magician who not only knew all of the tricks and how to perform them, but he practiced the tricks day in and day out for many years.This gave him an edge, so he not only understood  how to perform all of the tricks that Tommy performed (After all many people know that to do something badly you firstly have to know how to do it well to pull it off. As Les Dawson did playing the piano.)

This gave Roy a great understanding of the world of the well loved magician and comedian that everybody took to their hearts.

And he hasn’t looked back since. He has put together an act  that he has worked really hard on that he is really proud of, that he is performing to select audiences, whilst he tweaks his performance and before he puts it out there to the wider public.

So watch this space.  There are exciting times ahead.